Thursday, 18 May 2017

Brain Damage: Creating "Elmer"

During the production of our Brain Damage release we had the pleasure of being introduced to sculpture extraordinaire Noel Kellett! After seeing his incredible Elmer statues we couldn't pass up the opportunity to commission a few for ourselves. You can check out and purchase Noel's excellent creations here

During the process of creating our Elmer's Noel made sure to keep his camera handy and we are pleased to be able to share his behind the scenes snaps with you below! Now we hand over to Noel to take you through the process...

Elmer Sculpt is prepped and protected in cling film...

Sculpt is covered in even layer of clay, with added mould wall and lock in keys that will act later on as the thickness of the silicone, extra clay wall is added on top of clay to act as a dividing line for the fibreglass jacket, reinforced with plaster of pairs, the clay is made waterproof (because fibreglass wont set on a moist surface) with a vinyl spray, wax, and talc

After fibrelass is added to front half, back wall reinforcement is removed, ready to laminate with fibreglass

Clay from front half of jacket is removed

 Front half of jacket is drilled in high spots for air to escape when silicone is poured

Silicone is poured into front half...

Clay is removed from back half...

Silicone is poured into second half...

2 part silicone mould is cleaned and ready to cast out !

Mould is painted with a resin and metal powder mixture and left to set

 Reinforced with fibreglass and resin

Mould is joined back together with metal and resin along the seam

 The birthing!

Cast is buffed over with wire wool

Cast is painted with iron paste

Iron paste is removed

The finished product!


  1. It's amazing to see the stages in the process & the outcome is amazing 😮

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