Friday 3 October 2014

Arrow Video USA - Why You Should Care If You're NOT in the USA

Today we have announced our plans to enter the North American market to distribute our releases. ‘So what’, you might think if you live in the UK or Europe, but this is an important move for all our fans – and here’s why.

A key feature of our releases is their technical presentation. We pride ourselves on being able to work with the best versions of every film we release, whether these are brand new restorations we have instigated ourselves or masters created by our licensors. A constant challenge is ensuring this quality remains high and, on many occasions, we have had to turn down films because a master was not of a high enough standard. Thanks to our now distributing in two territories, that is about to change.

Making the decision to restore something from scratch, and shouldering all the costs involved in doing so, is not easy. With two territories to recoup those high costs it makes the possibility of restoring more films all the easier. So whilst we have faced difficult challenges in the past, particularly with masters made in Europe, we can now create brand new restorations of films where previously no HD or even suitable DVD-quality master has existed!

The first fruit of this venture will be found in Day of Anger, a classic Spaghetti Western starring genre icons Lee Van Cleef and Giuliano Gemma. Until now this film had only existed in ancient Standard Definition masters, but fans will soon be treated to a brand new and exclusive restoration struck from the original Techniscope negative. This film will be released in both the UK and USA in February 2015. More releases, and brand new restorations, will benefit from this new venture so keep an eye on our schedule for the latest updates!

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  1. This is AWESOME, finally releases will be available to the US