Friday 3 October 2014

Arrow Video USA FAQ

It has been on our minds for a while and we have finally decided to take the plunge and launch in North American in early 2015!  On October 3rd we launched our Indiegogo page and we are all very excited about this next chapter.

Since the campaign has gone live we have been receiving a lot of questions we've decided to create a handy FAQ for all things Arrow Video USA!  We will continue to update this section with new information so do make sure to bookmark the page so you can keep checking back.

Got a query that isn’t covered?  Pop your question the comments section below and we will try our best to help!

Q. Will the US edition of Blind Woman’s Curse and Mark of the Devil have different extras etc.?
A. No, the releases will be identical (apart from the certification info) so no need to double dip if you’ve already purchased the UK edition!

Q. Will you be using the same size boxes for your releases or will you use the slimmer US cases?
A. We will be using the same size cases we use in the UK as we need the wider case width cases to accommodate our booklets.

Q. So will all your US editions be unrated?
A. They will indeed!

Q. Any plans for launching a new website for US releases only?
A. Yes! A US site is in the works so watch this space!

Q. Will all of your US titles be released in the UK too?
A. Yes they will!

Q. Will we see Arrow Academy titles in the US too?
A. Arrow Video will be the only label we bring to the US.

Q. If you are releasing titles in the US and UK does this mean that fans in the UK will never see a lot stuff that is already out in the US?
A. We have UK-only releases planned til May at least and that may still continue as there are ongoing deals that aren't finalised. It won't be so cut and dry for a while so we'll solicit your feedback and go by sales data to inform our decisions.

Q. You’ve recently teased that you will be releasing some titles (Thief, Rabid etc) will these still happen?
A. Yes! Expect announcements for December and January (both short months due to Christmas) due to come soon.

Q. How exactly will your move to the US benefit those restricted to region B?
A. By being able to release in two territories we are now able to tackle more restorations as we have two territories to recoup from. Some titles previously unavailable due to a no or unacceptable master situation can now become a reality. We are also upping our monthly quota of releases from about three a month to five or six or even more.
Q. What's the likelihood of striking a deal with Universal and MGM in US?
A. Very possible…

Q. Will you also be coming to [insert country]?
A. We only have plans to branch out into the North American Market at present we are afraid! 


  1. Arrow, I would LOVE to give you $2,500 but still would like to know before if the "Gold List" releases will be shipped to European backers from your European office or from the U.S.A (therefore leaving me facing extra customs taxes). Thanks!

    1. Hi Norman, glad to hear you are interested! We will ship rewards anywhere in the world however all items will be shipped from the US office.

  2. Very cool! I'm curious to hear how everything went last year when you launched in North America. Did everything go well? Keep up the great work, you guys rock!

    - Jackie from Maverick Boston Video Production