Thursday 4 December 2014

Arrow Video USA FAQ *Updated*

So as you may have already heard, our Arrow Video USA Indiegogo campaign was a success and we exceeded our original target! A huge thanks goes out to all of your for your support and pledges – we really couldn’t have made it without all of you!

We’ve previously created a handy Arrow USA FAQ  but we can see from your questions and comments that there are still a few areas that you would like us to expand upon and address. So, without further ado, here is an updated FAQ for all things Arrow Video USA:  

Q. I’m a loyal UK fan and I'm worried that UK fans are soon going to be forgotten – is there any truth in this?
A. We started in the UK and are very much here to stay!

Q. So as you will be releasing titles in the UK and US won’t that mean that people in the UK will miss out on titles you would have released as just Region B?
A. We have UK-only releases planned well into 2015 and that may still continue. It won't be so cut and dry for a while so we'll solicit your feedback and go by sales data to inform our decisions.

Q. How exactly will your move to the US benefit those restricted to region B?
A. By being able to release in two territories we are now able to tackle more restorations as we have greater ability to spread our costs. Some titles previously unavailable due to an inaccessible or unacceptable master can now become a reality. We are also upping our monthly quota of releases from about three a month to five or six or even more.

Q. Will the releases of Blind Woman’s Curse and Mark of the Devil have different extras etc.?
A. No, the releases will be identical (apart from the certification info) so no need to double dip if you’ve already purchased the UK edition!

Q. Will you be using the same size boxes for your releases or will you use the slimmer US cases?
A. We will be using the same size cases we use in the UK as we need the wider case width cases to accommodate our booklets, the thinner cases do not meet the tolerances of our manufacturer and we feel continuity across the collection is important, where it can be maintained.

Q. So will all your US editions be unrated?
A. They will indeed!

Q. Will all of your US titles be released in the UK too?
A. That’s the plan, although there might be a good reason to release something in the US and not the UK if, for instance, we encountered censorship problems in the UK. It would be a shame to deprive the world of what could be a great release!

Q. Will your UK release of <insert title name> now get a US Arrow reissue?
A. Sadly not we are afraid as the majority of titles we’ve released already have US rightsholders.

Q. Will we see Arrow Academy titles in the US too?
A. Arrow Video will be the only label we bring to the US.

Q. You include awesome postcards in your UK releases, will these come with North American releases too?
A. As these postcards advertise UK releases only (although there might be some overlap) we will only be including them in our UK releases to begin with. We will aim to have postcards in our North American releases in the near future!

Q. So how will your new title announcements work? 
A. Our announcements will feature both UK and US releases and will follow our standard format (although UK only releases will of course be highlighted!)

Q. Will be the only site I can pre-order your titles from?
A. Our own website won’t be going live immediately but initially our released will be available for pre-order from all the usual outlets including, Barnes and Noble and others. Please keep an eye on  our social channels for updates on this!

Q. When will your new site ( go live?
A. We are working on this now and hope to have it live within the next couple of months so keep an eye on  our social channels for updates

Q. I backed your campaign and want some more information on what happens next. Can you fill me in?
A. We are working on a special newsletter that will go out to all backers in the next few weeks which will contain all the info you need and more so keep an eye on your inboxes!

Q. I see you guys attend a few events and conventions in the UK – when will we see you setting up Stateside?
A. For now our main focus is preparing our releases and setting up in North America, but conventions are of course on our list and when we’ll be attending we will be sure to shout about it!

Q. Will you also be coming to [insert country]?
A. We only have plans to branch out into the North American Market at present we are afraid! 

Q. How can I get a job working at Arrow USA?
A.  We do not have any openings at present unfortunately!

Q. What will happen to your social media channels – will they change? 
A. We will be keeping everything the same so if interested…
You can like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter:
Subscribe to our channel on YouTube:
Follow us on Vine here:
Follows us on Tumblr:

Q. Do you have a newsletter I can sign up to?
A. We do! You can sign up here:

Q. I’m based in the US and would like to review your North American titles – how can I do this?

A. For all press enquiries please contact

If you are looking to review our titles please contact us at the address above with as much information as you can along with any relevant links and your uniques.  As we get inundated with requests for review copies daily please be aware that we cannot service everybody with discs or reply to every speculative email personally.

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