Tuesday 16 December 2014

Vote for the Best of 2014!

As the end of the year draws near we want to find out what YOU thought of our 2014 releases so please welcome the return of the annual Arrow Video End of the Year Poll! 

To get involved, just send an email over to competitions@arrowfilms.co.uk with your top pick for each of the following 
categories (don't forget you can only select one title per category!):

  • Favourite Release – Arrow Video 
  • Favourite Release – Arrow Academy
  • Favourite Original Art 
  • Favourite Newly Commissioned Art
  • Favourite SteelBook
  • Favourite Special Packaging 
  • Favourite Extra
  • Favourite Booklet
  • Favourite Restoration 
  • Most Wanted Title For 2015 (this can be a title we've announced or one we haven't. Again just one title!)

Once all your picks are in we’ll tally everything up and post the results here on our Blog. As an added extra, one lucky entrant will be able to hand-pick any 5 of our 2014 releases* to be sent for free and 3 runners up will be able to pick 1 title from our 2014 releases*!

A full list of our 2014 releases can be found here and details of our 2014 SteelBooks can be found here

Our poll closes on January 5th so get emailing!

*only titles that are currently in stock and available are eligible


  1. Does fav release differentiate between boxsets and single releases? You have some killer entries in both categories in this year and it's hard to choose on that account.

  2. When can we expect to see the results ?

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