Tuesday 22 December 2015

2015 - Every New Release

Blood and Black Lace [SteelBook] 

Blood Rage UK Edition
Blood Rage US Edition

Contamination UK Edition
Contamination US Edition 

Day of Anger UK Edition
Day of Anger US Edition 

Eaten Alive UK Edition
Eaten Alive US Edition 

Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box [Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set]

Island of Death UK Edition
Island of Death US Edition

La Grande Bouffe UK Edition
La Grande Bouffe US Edition

Massacre Gun UK Edition
Massacre Gun US Edition 

Nekromantik 2 [Limited Dual Format Edition + OST CD] 

Requiescant UK Edition
Requiescant US Edition 

Rabid [SteelBook]

Retaliation UK Edition
Retaliation US Edition 

Society UK Edition 
Society US Edition

Society [Limited Edition Boxset]

The Long Good Friday [SteelBook]

Thief [Limited Slipcase Edition Blu-ray]

Videodrome [Limited Edition]

Wake Up and Kill UK Edition
Wake Up and Kill US Edition 

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