Friday 8 April 2016


The time has come – our replacement programme for SHIVERS is now open! So here is quite a lot of information to communicate to you guys so please make sure that you read all of the relevant parts of this post to avoid any confusion. We have also included a handy FAQ at the bottom of this post which should answer any queries.

So first up, if you’ve ordered a copy of Shivers direct via the Arrow Store skip down to the ***DIRECT ORDERS VIA THE ARROW STORE*** section. For anybody who has ordered elsewhere (be it online, in store, at a convention/event etc.) please continue reading.

So the replacement programme is now up and running! To obtain your replacement disc please head to the following link and follow all of the instructions on screen:

Once you’ve filled in the form successfully you will receive a confirmation email that your discs will be dispatched. Please note: This is NOT an automated email, but will be sent to you within 24 hours of submitting your information so please be patient and also check you spam folders. Then all you need to do is sit back, relax and wait for your discs to arrive!

If you do have any issues, please contact with “SHIVERS” in the subject heading of the email and our team will get back to you as soon as they can.

If you have ordered a copy of the film direct via our store, you should have received an email confirming your replacement discs (both Blu-ray and DVD) have already been dispatched to you via Royal Mail 2nd Class service. The most recent delivery address that was in your account has been used for this shipment (if your information has changed, or you have not received this email, please contact If you are based in the UK and have not received your discs by April 18th, 2016, please contact and we will do our best to see to your request. International customers please allow longer for delivery. When emailing be sure to include “SHIVERS” in the subject heading of the email, or respond directly the email our team have sent out to you.

And there we have it! If you have any additional questions that aren’t covered here or in the FAQ below do let us know! As you may have noticed we've also included a handy video comparison in this post so you can see what has been added:

Thanks for taking the time to read this monster of a post and we hope that you all enjoy the uncut SHIVERS!


Q: How do I get a copy of my replacement discs for SHIVERS?
A: If you have purchased your copy of SHIVERS from the Arrow Webstore, your replacement discs have been dispatched automatically with the information we have in your Arrow account. If you have not received your disc by April 18th, 2016, please contact
If you have bought your copy of SHIVERS, whether the regular Arrow Video dual-format edition or the SteelBook edition from another outlet, please fill out the form here: Once you have provided your mailing address and your proof of purchase, we will send you a confirmation email that your replacement discs have been dispatched.

Q: What if I no longer have my proof of purchase?
A: Please write the date and your full name on the face of your SHIVERS discs, and upload a photo in the proof of purchase section in the form available here: This will count as your proof of purchase, and we will send a confirmation email once your discs have been dispatched.

Q: How long will it take my replacement disc to arrive?
A: If you are in the UK, please allow for 3-5 days for shipping, and 7-10 days for all other countries.

Q: Will I receive both the Blu-ray and DVD of the uncut SHIVERS?
A: Yes, as both the regular Arrow Video release and the SteelBook editions were dual format, you will be receiving Blu-ray and DVD replacement discs in the same package.

Q: How do I tell if I have a replacement disc?
A: On the outer edge of the disc, it will read “2nd PRESSING” which indicates it is the full and uncut version of SHIVERS.


  1. If at a future date I purchase direct from the Arrow web site a copy of Shivers will I immediately get the updated disc(s) repackaged or will you still distribute the current package and include the 2nd copies with the ordered item i.e. Shivers.

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