Saturday 9 April 2016

The Best of 2015 - The Results!

At long last we hear you cry! 

It has been a LONG time coming but the results are finally in! Much like last year we have been taken aback by the absolute landslide of entries this time around which have doubled in size compared to 2014 vote. 

A huge thanks goes out to everyone that took the time to enter and share your thoughts on our 2015 slate! Now over to the all important results...

Favourite Release - Arrow Video Release
1. Videodrome (Limited Edition)
2. Hellraiser - The Scarlet Box (Limited Edition)
3. Battles Without Honour and Humanity Boxset (Limited Edition)

Much like last year our special edition box sets have topped the poll with three taking the top spots and a few other deluxe sets just missing out by a few votes (we're looking at you Society!)  

Favourite Release - Arrow Academy

1. Hard to be a God 
2. The Killing + Killer's Kiss  
3. TIE! Kiju Yoshida: Love + Anarchism  and La Grande Bouffe

The winner of our Academy category was our first recent film (in terms of production date) Hard to be a God - which bodes well for our upcoming Academy releases of Cosmos and The Creeping Garden later this year. Next up was our Stanley Kubrick double bill, closely followed by our first tie with our Yoshida set and La Grande Bouffe sharing third place.

Favourite Original Art

1. Eaten Alive 
2. Videodrome 
3. The Happiness of the Katakuris

You voted for your preferred cover on Facebook, we listened and it seems like we all made the right choice as the original art for Eaten Alive topping this category. Videodrome came in a close second with The Happiness of the Katakuris original poster art not far behind...

Favourite Artwork: Newly Commissioned

1. Blood and Black Lace by Graham Humphreys  
2. What Have You Done to Solange? by Malleus
3. TIE! Society by Nick Percival and Videodrome by Gilles Vranckx 

With so many fantastic artists on our roster this was always going to be a tough category with results changing on a daily basis as new votes were added up. The ever wonderful Graham Humphreys (Blood and Black Lace) took the top spot closely followed by Malleus (What Have You Done to Solange?) and the third slot presented us with yet another tie with Nick Percival (Society) and Gilles Vranckx (Videodrome) sharing the spot. 

Favourite Special Packaging

1. Videodrome (Limited Edition)
2. Hellraiser - The Scarlet Box (Limited Edition)
3. Society (Limited Edition) 

Another extremely close category! Videodrome came out on top once again however Hellraiser - The Scarlet Box was hot on its heels with just a few votes between the sets at the final tally. Our Society Digipak took spot number three again beating a few of our other titles but a few votes. 

Favourite Extra

1. Surgeon Scene  – Hellrasier
2. Audio Commentary with writer-director David Cronenberg - Rabid 
3. David Cronenberg's early works - Videodrome  

With so many extras to choose from (we had quite a few a few "I just can't decide!" votes) this was the category that gave us the biggest variety of selections. The infamous 'surgeon scene' from Hellrasier walked away with the top spot and two Cronenberg specific extras filled the remaining spaces with his audio commentary for Rabid coming in second and his early works rounding up the group. (Please note that as so many people voted for David Cronenberg's early works as a whole, rather than individual titles, we decided to compile all of these votes with the ones for the individual films to create one tally)

Favourite Book or Booklet

1. Videodrome (Limited Edition)
2. Hellraiser - The Scarlet Box (Limited Edition) 
3. Blood and Black Lace 

Videodrome came out top once again and our limited books proved popular with Hellraiser - The Scarlet Box taking second place. Blood and Black Lace finished up the group.    

Favourite Restoration

1. Hellraiser - The Scarlet Box (Limited Edition)
2. TIE! Blood and Black Lace and Nightmare City  
3. The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne  

We were very pleased to see that our in-house restorations came out on top this year with every title in the top three being the results of our hard work. Hellraiser took first place with Nightmare City and Blood and Black Lace tied for the second spot. Last up was The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne which really shot up the list near the end of the voting period. 

Most Wanted Title For 2015

1. Braindead 
2. eXistenz  
3. American Horror Project Vol 2 and The Female Convict Scorpion Collection

So Braindead topped the charts but sadly Team Arrow can't even attempt to get our grubby mitts on it until Peter Jackson has finished restoring his early films (Weep!) Cronenberg fans were out in force once again with the inclusion of eXistenz and, for the second year running, the Female Convict Scorpion films (which we've just announced!) made the top three tied with American Horror Project Vol 2, which many of you will be pleased to hear is in the works!  

And with that we are done! We hope you all enjoyed voting! A big congratulations to Ben Haggar who won the competition and to runners up Marcus Sigismund, Peter Haddock and Jack Pudwell - check your inboxes guys! 

We'll be running the poll again later this year so do keep note of your favourite releases so you can take part. Until next time...

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