Wednesday 28 May 2014

Arrow Video FAQ

With so much going on at Arrow HQ  we are certain there are some questions you would like to ask us which is why we have made this handy FAQ section to try and cover the things we get asked the most. We will continue to update this section with new information so do make sure to bookmark the page so you can keep checking back.

Got a query that isn’t covered?  Pop your question the comments section below and we will try our best to help!


We've created a brand new FAQ page for all things Arrow USA which can be found here:


Q. Can you tell me the Region coding for a specific title?
A. All Region coding information can be found on the product listing for each of our titles on our website. Just search for the title you are interested in and scroll to the bottom of the page for the details.

Q. Why don’t you release your films as Region free?
A. Whenever it is possible to release our films as Region free we do, however more often than not we are contractually obliged to lock our releases to Region B, especially when licencing from major studios.

Q. Why don’t you release your films with (insert language) audio and subtitles?
A. As a label operating in a single territory (the UK) can only able to licence language tracks in English and/or the film's original language (if different).  This also applies to subtitle tracks on any release, which can only be in English.

Q. Is a title uncut?
A. We would always recommend that you firstly check the status of a title on the BBFC website which can be accessed here: If a title has been released in the UK uncut before our release will of course be uncut too!

Q. A part of my Blu-ray (cover/booklet) is lost/damaged. Can you send me a replacement?
A. Unfortunately we do not create additional copies of any part of our releases so will be unable to send you one.

Q. You have only released something on Blu-ray and not DVD. What gives!?
A. Sometimes the DVD rights for certain titles simply aren’t available, though where possible we do always license DVD rights. When not available we would always rather release something as a Blu-ray-only release than not at all.

Q. Do you still release films with the white slipboxes?
A. We no longer create slipboxes for our releases we are afraid for a number of reasons. Many customers found they damaged and discoloured very easily and by creating them we were forced to drive up the RRP where many thought the price was too high. By dropping the slipbox we have been able to pass the saving on and re-invest in bringing more cult titles in deluxe editions to the UK.

Q. I want to buy a copy of your Blu-ray for Dawn of the Dead but can’t find it anywhere. Can I get a copy from you?
A. Unfortunately this title went out of print a few years ago and we have since lost the rights so won’t be re-releasing it we are afraid.  The only way to obtain a copy is via marketplace sellers.


Q. How do you decide what to release?
A. This question and more was recently answered in an interview conducted by Filmwerk here:

Q. There are some titles that I think you should release. Where should I send these suggestions?
A. We have set up a dedicated email address for fans to send their suggestions to which is We don’t get a chance to reply to every one personally but we do read them all!

Q. How do you decided which titles will be restored?
A. This is a decision made on a case-by-case basis; whether the film is already restored, or if it needs to be brought to modern standards (with the advent of new technology in this field newer scans are more stable and scanning can take place in higher resolution). It also depends on whether the material is there to begin with as sometimes negative or pre-print material is simply not available, lost or destroyed.

Q. When are you going to release The Burning?
A. We would love to but unfortunately we are unable to acquire the UK rights to this one – we can assure you we have tried to track them down!

Q. When are you going to release Peter Jackson’s early films?
A. Jackson is planning on restoring his early works so until this has been completed nobody will be able to attempt to licence these.

Q. Fright Night is crying out for an Arrow release. When is this going to happen?!
A. This title is owned by Sony UK who don’t currently sublicense their titles.  

Q. Can you make a SteelBook™ of The Blob (1988) happen?
A. This is another Sony UK title so unless they change their licensing policy this won’t be coming from us.  


Q. I’ve seen pictures of an Arrow video stand on Facebook. What is that all about?
A. Since late 2013 the Arrow Video team have been attending a few events and conventions where we sell our products and chat to anybody who will listen!  We always flag up the events we will be at on Facebook and Twitter so keep checking back for updates.

Q. I would love to see you guys have a stand at <insert convention name>. Will you be there?
A. We are always on the lookout for places to attend and set up shop at. If you do have a suggestion of an event or convention you think we should be at let us know by contacting:


Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. Payments for goods on our online shop can be made via PayPal. Please visit their website for information on their terms and conditions.

Q. When can I expect my order to arrive?
A. Provided the items are in stock, we typically ship all titles within 24 working hours of your order being placed. If an order has some items on pre-order or that are awaiting stock these will be held until they are received into the warehouse and the order will be part-shipped.

Q. I live abroad, can I still order titles from you and how long will they take to arrive?
A. We accept orders worldwide from any country, however postage costs would be increased and so would delivery time.

Q. What delivery options do you offer?
A. Within the UK we offer 1st Class (1-2 working days) postage. Shipments outside of the UK are all via Royal Mail Airmail.

Q. Do you sell any NTSC compatible/Region 1 DVDs
A. Most of our releases are in the European PAL format. Some DVD players and TVs can accept PAL signals and convert internally. Please refer to your manual. The region coding varies from disc to disc, but all will work in the UK and all technical information is outlined at the bottom of each listing. All our Blu-rays (content permitting) are encoded at 24fps and so will play on any player in the world, region coding aside.

Q. I ordered a title from you 5 days ago and have had no delivery?
A. For any post-sales enquiries please contact but please be aware that delivery times are dependent on location and the mail service.

Q. What are your returns policy?
A. All our products come with a 7 day return policy (cooling-off period) in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product(s) you have bought, please return to us, pre-packaged and preferably recorded delivery for a full refund. This return policy period starts from the day after you receive the goods. We cannot accept any returned items that are unwrapped. Please contact before any return, otherwise there might be a delay to your refund.

Q. My film arrived damaged. What should I do?
A. If you ordered direct from us please contact If you purchased from another retailer please contact them direct.

Q. From where does the Shopping Cart get the currency exchange rates?
A. The Shopping Cart gets this information from Yahoo Finance website at the backend each day, automatically.


Q. What is all this about a T shirt promotion?
A. If you spend £25 or more on selected pre-order titles at any one time you will get yourself a free Arrow Video logo T!*

*Our fulfilment team will be dropping the t-shirts into your order as they are processed and will contact you prior to shipment of your first title to confirm your sizing requirements. Please note this process will happen outside of the shopping cart so won't appear on your account. There is no need to add the t-shirt to your order yourself!

Q. Which titles are included in the free T offer?
A. Branded to Kill, Remo, Bound,  Mark of the Devil, Brute Force, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, The Stray Cat Rock Collection, Salvatore Giuliano, Night of the Comet and Shivers are all included in the offer until they are released. Once these titles have been released they will no longer be eligible for the T offer. 

Q. Do I need to spend £25 or more at once to be eligible for the offer?
A. Yes. You will need to spend £25 or more as part of one transaction. If you have split your order of £25s worth of titles over a few transactions this will not be eligible for the offer.

Q. I didn’t realise I had to spend £25 at once – what can I do!?
A. Please contact our orders team who will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Q. The Stray Cat Rock: The Collection is 1p shy of £25. Can I have a free T if I just buy this?
A. Unfortunately no. You will need to spend £25 or more on eligible titles at any one time to bag yourself a T.

Q. When will this promotion end?
A. The T shirt offer will end mid-September when the last of the eligible items are released.

Q. Can I buy the T shirt separately?
A. The T-shirts will be available to buy separately at a later date so keep checking back to our store for more information.


Q. Why are some of your SteelBooks™ exclusive to Zavvi?
A. Some of our SteelBooks™ are exclusive to Zavvi due to the enthusiasm,  support and help of Zavvi have given to get these releases out there. If Zavvi didn’t back these projects they would never be able to go ahead so we are very grateful that they have helped us make these SteelBooks™ a reality! 

Q. What SteelBooks™ have been released as Zavvi exclusives?
A. We have released The Beyond and Tenebrae as Zavvi exclusives and have six more titles -  Maniac Cop, Day of the Dead, Black Sunday, Inferno, City of the Living Dead and Phenomena - being released exclusively this summer!

Q. Some of your upcoming SteelBooks™ have been removed from Zavvi. What happened?
A. It looks like Zavvi may have taken these down to avoid confusion due to the fact that they aren’t available to pre-order yet. They are very much still on the way so keep an eye out for updates from Zavvi.

Q. Can I buy the Zavvi SteelBooks™ direct from you?
A. If there are still stocks of some of the SteelBooks™ in a few months’ time we will start selling them direct. However we would suggest ordering direct from Zavvi so you don't miss out.


Q. When was the Arrow Video label established?
A. Arrow Video was established as an off-shoot of Arrow Films in 2009. Arrow Films has been in operation since 1991.

Q. Where is the Arrow office located?
A. We are located in Shenley, Herts.

Q. What social media channels do you guys use?
A. We use a lot of them!

You can like us on Facebook:
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Follow us on Vine here:
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Q. Do you have a newsletter I can sign up to?
A. We do! You can sign up here:

Q. How can I get a job working at Arrow?
A.  We do not have any openings at present but should anything open up vacancies will be flagged up on our social channels and website.

Q. I’m an artist/writer and would love to contribute to one of your releases. How can I do this?
A. We are always looking for new talent to get involved in our releases. The best thing to do is send an email over to with a bit about yourself and some examples of your work.


Q. I want to start reviewing your titles – how can I do this?
A. For all press enquiries please contact

If you are looking to review our titles please contact us at the address above with as much information as you can along with any relevant links and your uniques.  As we get inundated with requests for review copies daily please be aware that we cannot service everybody with discs or reply to every speculative email personally.


For an update on your order from the Arrow store or any post sale queries please contact:
For general queries about one of our products or to highlight a fault or issue please contact:
If you would like to screen one of our titles please contact:
If you are interested in stocking Arrow titles please contact:
If you would like to suggest a title you think we should release, please contact us at:

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