Monday 30 June 2014

Fifth Anniversary SteelBook Competition - The Winners (and the Answers)

Eleven days ago we invited you lot to test your Arrow Video knowledge with our super-tough SteelBook quiz. Loads of you got in touch with answers, although nobody quite managed a twenty-out-of-twenty. (We did warn you it was difficult!)

Eight entrants came up with nineteen out of twenty correct answers and the winners have been selected as follows...

1st Place : Michael Kosminski

Runners-up: Reece Goddard and Lorri St. Jean

Michael wins all six of our Zavvi-exclusive Steelbooks, with Reece and Lorri picking up two SteelBooks of their choice. We'll be in touch shortly.

As for the rest of you, time to put your minds at ease and check out the full answers...

PS. We were sent loads of different answers for Q16, but were specifically looking for the Arrow Video-related one below.

01. Who is the ‘meanest chick in town’? [Foxy Brown]

02. Saxon, Mötley Crüe and Billy Idol all appear on the soundtrack to which Arrow Video title? [Demons]

03. Which Arrow Video titles have the following body counts?
a) 29 [Lady Snowblood]
b) 48 [Battle Royale]
c) 78 [The Delta Force]

04. In which Arrow Video title will you find Ash, Shaft and a former world middleweight boxing champion? [Maniac Cop]

05. The Italian title to which Arrow Video title translates as ‘The Three Faces of Fear’? [Black Sabbath]

06. Which Arrow Video title had its original UK poster censored by a red ribbon? [Tenebrae]

07. Who are Randall, Fidgit, Strutter, Wally, Vermin and Og? [Time Bandits]

08. Which Arrow Video title first premiered on British network television as part of the BBC’s Forbidden season in 1997? [Dawn of the Dead]

09. In which Arrow Video titles will you find the following characters?
a) Roderick and Madeline [The Fall of the House of Usher]
b) Space Girl [Lifeforce]
c) Looney Tunes [Hell Comes to Frogtown]

10. “You can always tell somebody’s sense of humour by if they like this movie or not” is a line from the commentary to which Arrow Video title? [Big Trouble in Little China]

11. Which Arrow Video title was initially released onto home video as a talking VHS box? [Frankenhooker]

12. Mystery Science Theater 3000 parodied which Arrow Video title? [Squirm]

13. Which Arrow Video title was initially given one minute and 46 seconds worth of cuts by the BBFC in 1980? [Zombie Flesh Eaters]

14. Bryan Singer, the director of X-Men and The Usual Suspects, earned his first credit on which Arrow Video title? [Street Trash]

15. Who provides the connection between Cheeky and Dressed to Kill? [Pino Donaggio]

16. The Delta ForceThe Last American VirginBlack Sunday and The Wild Geese – which is the odd one out and why? [The Last American Virgin - all of the others had newly-commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys]

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